Friday, May 29, 2009

Patrik 1,5

Patrik 1,5 was SIFF's 2009 Gay-La. The first of two screenings of the film during SIFF came just says after the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of Proposition 8. For this family member, this movie renewed my faith in the possibilities of the future of tolerance for everyone.

The story follows a Swedish couple attempting to navigate the adoption system as a same sex couple and along the way discover that wanting a child brings with it unexpected complications for everyone.

Due to a typographical error, Goran and Sven believe they are adopting a 18 month old child, but in reality are sent a troubled homophobic 15 year old. Over the course of the film we see a full range of emotions poured out on the screen from Goran, Sven and Patrik. Multiple times when it seems like everything will work out, as often happens in life, a negative twist of fate intervenes.

This film is executed brilliantly through its serious dramatic acting, physical comedy and complimentary incidental music. In the end the film leaves you a feeling of peace and serenity that all can be right in the world. Patrik 1,5 is not to be missed by anyone with a heart and soul.

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