Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naked Boys Signing!

Reprinted courtesy of Sean C. At the Movies

I had heard of this show years ago and missed it when it toured Portland, Oregon. So when I saw it on the schedule for the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival I was so up for it. Not only since I love naked men, but because I love innovative musical theater.

Naked Boys Singing! is a sort of musical revue, since there is no central story, but instead a loose collection of interrelated songs that do not shy away from the fact that the cast is at times full nude on stage. In fact, in the song Gratuitous Nudity tackles the issue head on.

However, at no point is the nudity gratuitous in my mind. The nudity is integrated in such a way that it is part of the song and does not take away from the beautiful and lyrical ballads. This is most evident in the song Window to Window in which two of the cast are singing to each other akin to the balcony seen in Romeo & Juliet.

This is one of those movies that just needs to be seen in order to understand why it deserves to be among your favorites of all time.

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