Friday, September 30, 2011

The Big Screen 70mm Film Festival

Opening tonight at Seattle's very own Seattle Cinerama is The Big Screen 70mm Film Festival, three weeks of the best in classic film, shown as they were meant to be...on a BIG SCREEN.  

Seattle Cinerama is one of only three remaining Cinerama venues in the world, the other two being in Los Angles, California and Bedford, England, and the only one still capable of showing Super Cinerama.  No longer managed by AMC Theaters, Seattle Cinerama's new management, Greg Wood, owner and operator of Portland’s Roseway Theater, has transformed the theater into a true community invested venue.  Through an active Twitter and Facebook presence, Seattle Cinerama often asks its patrons what they would like to see next, as well as hosting various local film festivals throughout the year.  In a word, Seattle Cinerama is what the film going experience is meant to be.

But you may ask what is the Filmfreak Mafia going to be will be seeing at The Big Screen 70mm Film Festival, well here's our anticipated attendance list, a small fraction of the total offerings:

This Is Cinerama - wonderful documentary on the evolution of the technical aspects of film and one of only two films in the festival to be utilizing Cinerama's three panel projection technology

Sound of Music - since the hills were always meant to be seen on a BIG SCREEN

West Side Story - how can you truly appreciate the Sharks and the Jets unless you see them the size of Godzilla attacking Tokyo

TRON - seeing TRON Legacy at Seattle Cinerama was amazing so seeing the story of how it all began there too, just seems right

See you all at the movies...

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