Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angels & Demons

Based on the novel by Dan Brown, who also authored The DaVinci Code, comes Angels & Demons, a story of the time old war between religion and science.

The story follows an obsessed priest, Patrick McKenna, who is convinced that science can only lead to a further deterioration of faith. To prove his point, he resurrects the Illuminati, a former "enemy" of the church, as a cover for his own machinations of science's seeming desire to destroy the Church. Through a series of clues and attempts to prevent senseless violence, Robert Langdon is back to save a Church he clearly does not believe in.

This same narrative structure was used in The DaVinci Code. However, through the magic of Hollywood adaptation, the established timeline in the novels is changed so that Robert Langdon's first run-in with the Church in the search of the final resting place of Mary Magdalen has already occurred. This minor change has no irreparable affect on the overall impact of the story as it is only mentioned in passing once.

Angels & Demons, much like The DaVinci Code, is a complex story filled with complex accusations against the Church using and abusing its power to stay in control of its constituents. True or not, the story is intellectually thought provoking and forces the viewer to examine their own individual relationship to religion and science and its involvement in their loves.

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