Friday, June 19, 2009

Every Little Step

Every Little Step is a documentary following the process of a revival production of A Chorus Line, the classic Broadway show, that follows the story of a series of dancers auditioning for a spot on a chorus line. What makes this documentary so special is not only the drive and dedication of those auditioning, but the love and passion of the production team, many of whom were part of the original 1975 production.

The film provides not only historical and little known insights into the creation of A Chorus Line (e.g. the story came from a series of audio taped interviews with dancers; the original title for Dance 10, Looks 3 was Tits and Ass; "Cassie" did not originally get the job on the chorus line), but also follows the performers through the painful process of initial audition, to call back, to final audition.

The performer whose audition is most powerful in this film is that of Jason Tam. Some of you may know him as Markko Rivera on One Life to Live. He is an NYU Tisch School trained performer whose has appeared in numerous productions in his young career. Auditioning for "Paul", Tam recreated in the initial audition the pain of rejection faced by the character to such an intense degree, that it not brings him to tears, but the producers as well. After Tam leaves, and before the producers can regain their composure, lead producer Bob Avian says "Sign him up."

Every Little Step provides a very intimate look into the process both performers and producers go through in casting a major production. The process is often harsh at times. However, the film treats each performers vulnerability during the process gently and respectfully.

If you have ever wanted to know the struggles and joys of a performer's life, or if you just want to be swept up in a wave of raw human emotion, then Every Little Step is a film not to be missed.

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